As a thought leader in physician alignment & engagement research, PRC will help transform insights into action plans designed to increase admissions, improve physician relationships, encourage engagement, and reach organizational goals, all while reducing leakage to competitor health systems. With an industry-leading response rate of 80%, PRC talks to — and learns from — more physicians than anyone else.

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Your physicians are influential representatives of your organization. In the eyes of your patients, the physicians are the authority. Therefore, patient experience with your doctors is a big part of patient satisfaction.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that physician engagement can make or break an organization’s success. On-board physicians, those who share your organization’s strategic goals and mission, will naturally transfer that commitment  to every patient they see. It should be one of your top priorities to gauge and improve your physicians’ perceptions of your organization.

High-Response Medical Staff Surveys


PRC has the highest response rates in the healthcare research industry. Using our proprietary approach, we routinely garner 80% to 90% participation of your active medical staff in our engagement studies.

Furthermore, because we carefully tailor each and every survey to your specific organization, your physicians will respect and act on our highly relevant results. PRC will compare your organization’s physician engagement against our national database, which provides physicians, nurses and managers alike an undeniable benchmark for performance.

Focused, Prioritized Improvement

It’s easy to look at data and see all of the ways your organization could improve. It’s much more difficult to take action and put information to use. One of the biggest differences between PRC and other research firms is how we approach healthcare improvement with clearly defined Key Drivers of Excellence®.

Many organizations get caught up in the dozens of details associated with physician relationships. At PRC, we help you put our research to use by identifying the core areas that will most greatly affect physician engagement. We help you focus on improvement with clearly defined priorities that are statistically proven to have maximum impact on performance.

Plus, our online Action Planning Tool makes it incredibly easy to maintain accountability and transparency throughout your 

organization. We make it impossible for you to not see results.

PRC Referring Physician Study

Did you know that proper research can help you increase patient referrals?

PRC’s Referring Physician Study can make a big difference in the flow of patients through your organization. We can help you increase collaboration with outlying physicians, encourage more patient referrals and identify physicians’ needs. We can also help you measure and improve service-specific referrals and improve the way patients perceive your organization.

If you’d like to learn more about PRC’s Physician Engagement or other related studies, we’d love to answer any questions you may have. Contact us for more information about our survey options.

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