HXF-Essential Areas of Healthcare Performance Venn Diagram

We understand the pressures you face. PRC Excellence Accelerator was formed to empower you on a pathway to success. Our team has helped hundreds of healthcare organizations and thousands of leaders, staff and physicians find a fast track to sustainable improvement that was uniquely their own.

Leveraging essential areas of healthcare performance: Alignment and Measurement, the Science of Culture and Engagement and Skill Development and Transfer, we will create a roadmap and equip you to drive performance outcomes.

  • Patient Experience and CAHPS
  • Physician and Employee Engagement
  • Retention and Turnover
  • Quality and Safety

Powered by a team of CEOs, CNOs, Nurses, and Physicians who are experts in
  • Organizational Development
  • Learning
  • Branding
  • Measurement
  • Patient & Family Centered Care

The Excellence Accelerator is here to equip you to put Excellence into motion.

Working With Us

Assessment. Our methodology quickly and comprehensively assesses strengths to be leveraged and gaps inhibiting performance. Our team of experts maps current results against onsite observations and survey findings allowing us to co-create a personalized strategy for success. The deliverable is an actionable roadmap showing you a path to achieve your desired performance. It is a plan you can execute with or without the assistance of the PRC Excellence Accelerator.

Training. We offer a rich variety of training solutions designed to activate teams to improve performance. Our goal is to support with you a personalized development experience to create lasting improvement. Our coaches and facilitators will partner with you to identify learning objectives and competencies and will execute a training plan to engage participants and drive action.

Speaking. Our speakers can support any event. From Leadership Development Sessions, Board Retreats, Conferences, Appreciation Weeks, Teambuilding Events, and Practitioner Meetings—we are devoted to bringing a wealth of experience, engaging presentations, and resources to provide personalized attendee experiences.

Performance Coaching. We will equip your organization to drive results that matter. Through our proven improvement model: Learn.Create.Realize, we will walk alongside your leaders to create lasting change. Our team of experts will develop leadership, staff, and provider competencies using proven tools, design principles, and measurement systems that will hone performance.

  • Patient Experience: Ensuring every patient can expect the best care possible through caregiver engagement, high-reliability behaviors, and using data to drive daily improvement.
  • Physician Engagement: Creating environments where clinicians can practice the best medicine, have the healthiest communication, and foster team collaboration.
  • Employee Engagement: Working with our clients to increase engagement and reduce turnover by matching leadership development with action that create a sense of ownership, purpose, and joy.