PRC provides custom research for achieving excellence. In times of emergency, it’s extremely important to ensure that every patient gets the best care possible. More efficient and more effective Emergency Medical Services can literally make the difference between life and death.

Unfortunately, many times the areas that need the most improvement are the same areas that can only be quantified from the patient’s side of emergency medical care. Fortunately, PRC has the tools and experience necessary to access patient perceptions and improve your EMS procedures. Please, contact us anytime if you’d like to learn more about our EMS survey options.

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Proven EMS Quality Monitor

Our PRC Patient Perception Study for EMS agencies, otherwise known as the EMS Quality Monitor, is our innovative standard for measuring EMS proficiency. Through our vast experience with healthcare organizations far and wide, we’ve learned to identify the most important metrics in Emergency Medical Service and improve operational performance across the board.

PRC’s ongoing EMS Quality Monitor allows you to keep a constant pulse on your service’s effectiveness. When emergency strikes, you can’t afford to waste time dealing with internal problems. We’ll use a proactive strategy to get your organization running more efficiently. Our research and methods are tailored to each individual partner to ensure that our solutions are what your patients truly want and need.

EMS Patient Research with 80% Participation Rates

Through 30 years of research we’ve perfected the craft of engaging patients in effective studies. Our high-participation telephone methodology not only allows us to ensure that all of our results are scientifically sound, it also ensures that our research process is efficient.

Once we’ve acquired an initial sample of your patients’ EMS perceptions, we’ll be able to benchmark your services against a national performance scale. This takes guesswork completely out of the equation – you’ll know exactly what areas need improvement and which can stay untouched.

With performance benchmarks in place, the next step is identifying Key Drivers of Excellence®. These are the one or two areas that will have the greatest impact on EMS patient experience. We determine these priorities on a case-by-case basis using high-level mathematics, so you can rest assured that your patient experience strategy will be as high-impact as possible.

If you’re ready to take your Emergency Medical Services to the next level, or if you have any questions about PRC’s research practices, please contact us.

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