HSOPS (Hospital Staff Survey on Patient Safety Culture)

PRC provides custom research for achieving excellence and has been administering this survey for clients since 2008 to help them assess the atmosphere they have created for holding patient safety as a top priority in their hospitals.  With questions covering event reporting, teamwork and communication, and organizational learning, among others, the survey takes a comprehensive look at the policies and practices within your organization that advance and ensure patient safety.

Annually, AHRQ calls for hospitals and healthcare organizations to voluntarily submit their study results in order to create a national comparative benchmarking database, and PRC has experience with this submission process, if you so choose.

HSOPS Fast Facts

Survey InstrumentsTypes of SamplesMethodology and TimingData Submission
Hospital Survey Staff in Particular Staffing Categories Telephone Done Annually, May 15-June15
Facility Version Staff in Particular Areas/Units Internet HSOPS Comparative Database Report Producted Annually and Available on the AHRQ website

AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture

High-quality care requires a commitment to patient safety. This philosophy is the driving force behind a requirement from The Joint Commission. As of January 2009, organizations that are accredited by The Joint Commission are required to regularly evaluate their patient safety culture using valid and reliable tools, such as the Patient Safety Culture surveys developed by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ).

We’ve completed thousands of surveys for the AHRQ Survey on Patient Safety Culture for hospitals across the country. We understand that improving the culture of safety within hospitals is an essential component of preventing or reducing errors and improving overall health care quality. As with all of our studies, we provide hospitals with actionable results and tools to aid in improvement.

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