PRC employee research identifies the Key Drivers® of culture change that, when addressed, can enhance patient experience, improve quality of care, and increase value-based purchasing reimbursements by deepening employee engagement. Our research provides organizational, supervisory, and team level reports with custom data and reporting tools that help C-suite executives lead change.

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This video shows how PRC measures engagement and some key drivers to identify when selecting an Employee Engagement survey vendor:

How to Improve Employee Engagement

How do you improve employee engagement in a healthcare setting?

Through our research with over 2,000 healthcare partners, we’ve learned that there is one primary indicator of employee engagement: workplace environment satisfaction. In other words, employees who perceive their workplace as excellent are willing to invest more effort in their performance.

Improving employee engagement starts with research. Our high-response employee surveys will help you assess current engagement and workplace satisfaction, as well as possible obstacles preventing employee loyalty. Our services include:

  • PRC Employee Engagement Studies
  • PRC Employee Exit Interview Studies
  • PRC Nursing Retention Studies

Learn more about employee engagement and PRC’s Employee Engagement Index by reading Dr. Cynthia King’s and Daniel King’s research on employee engagement or by downloading our latest white paper, exploring the success and best practices of Owensboro Health.

View our video about Employee Engagement:

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