Tuesday, June 9 • 10:15am – 11:15am
Topic Area: Excellence


Developing Authentic Leaders to Form the New Patient Experience

Jackie Myers, RN, MSN, CENP
Nursing Director
Parkview Regional Medical Center ● Fort Wayne, IN
Paula Bostwick, RN, MSN
Nursing Manager
Parkview Regional Medical Center ● Fort Wayne, IN

Parkview Regional Medical Center (PRMC) opened on March 17, 2012. Since opening, PRMC has experienced tremendous growth that required finishing and opening 48 additional beds within 12 months. Following the expansion, the hospital completed a major conversion of electronic health records. PRMC focused on developing leaders who demonstrate trust through integrity, open and transparent communication and making decisions according to values not external pressures. The goal was to create a culture of reliability and excellence. Session attendees will hear how PRMC developed nurse leaders, increased engagement and accountability, used behavioral skills labs and engaged the collaborative care team to create the new patient experience.


Learning Points
After this session, attendees should be able to:

  1. Illustrate how to use authentic leadership to create a culture of engagement and accountability.
  2. Employ a 24/7 leadership model by transforming charge nurses into nurse leaders.
  3. Describe how to engage hospitalists in the patient experience.