With over 20 years of Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) experience, PRC is the expert partner to help clients understand health equity disparities and what that means for their communities. PRC’s community health research solutions monitor population health, satisfy IRS requirements, establish funding priorities and help meet PHAB accreditation standards.

More than 400 diverse communities have relied on us as we collect data for the Community Health Needs Assessment through:
  • Customized Community Health Survey
  • Existing Public Health Data
  • Key Informant Input

Only the PRC CHNA offers you the flexible, timely, and robust measurement you need to monitor changes in short, three-year implementation cycles.

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Much More than Just Compliance

PRC’s Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) is a systematic, data-driven approach to determining the health status, behaviors and needs of residents in your defined community/service area. Our process includes mechanisms for fulfilling the slated requirements of IRC 501(r)(3):
- Allowing for community stakeholder and public health input;
- Allowing for analysis of underserved populations;
- Identifying significant health needs toward the development of a defendable community health implementation strategy; and
- Providing solutions for public dissemination through the creation of a® website.
Beyond this, the richness of PRC’s data — accompanied by our tools for analysis and community sharing — means you can do so much more than just “check a box.”

Uncover Health Disparities & Social Determinants to Impact Population Health

The final reporting will highlight health disparities; reveal social determinants of health; compare to state and national data; and track progress toward Healthy People 2020 objectives.

Current, Targeting and Actionable


A core component of the PRC CHNA is a population health survey. These primary data are a particularly powerful component, giving current, targeted and actionable data to facilitate collaboration, prioritize health needs, and support implementation and evaluation strategies. Our data is also fully representative of the population and can be trended over time. 

Read our Powerhouse CHNA white paper to understand why it is a combination of primary and secondary data indicators that gives you the most robust and well-rounded assessment.

The PRC Community Health Survey uncovers:

-Chronic Disease Needs
-Access Barriers
-Modifiable Health Risks
-Preventive Healthcare Services
-Children's Health
-Mental Health

Connect With Stakeholders

Input from community stakeholders/key informants allows you to bring in the perspectives of those who are often most knowledgeable about existing health needs. In addition, it creates future buy-in for health programs and allows you to foster alliances with important community connections.

Prioritization & Implementation Strategy Support

Let PRC help you tell your community benefit story. The experts at PRC recognize that implementation strategy and program planning can be daunting tasks. To assist clients post-CHNA, PRC offers a variety of resources to create implementation strategy documents, identify evidence-based practices, and develop targeted programs.

Share & Collaborate

For sharing CHNA findings with your community, PRC offers®, an online, interactive, indicator-based web system designed to promote community health and wellness by connecting people with research, resources and ideas for action. 

As a public access portal,® is the solution for tax-exempt hospitals’ CHNA public dissemination requirements under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

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