Achieving Excellence with PRC

Professional Research Consultants, Inc., (PRC) empowers healthcare organizations to become the best possible places for patients to be treated, physicians to practice medicine, and employees to work. Thousands of organizations turn to PRC for comprehensive custom research solutions that help them achieve excellence and drive growth.

How Will PRC Help You?PRC Principal Owners

When PRC was founded in 1980, we could only imagine the difference that a survey company could make in healthcare. We knew we wanted to help, but we didn’t realize just how much we’d be helping.

Over 2,000 healthcare partners later, we now know that careful research can make all the difference in an organization’s effectiveness. More than just improving patient experience, proper research can enable organizations to boost employee relationships and foster genuine alignment between physicians and hospitals. Engaged employees and more efficient, satisfied physicians lead to better care for patients. Download Achieving Excellence with PRC.

Our Knowledge, Your Service

Professional Research Consultants began as a four person team with a passionate desire to improve healthcare on a national level.

Today, we leverage the power of more than 1,000+ dedicated employees to gather data from millions of households, patients, physicians and healthcare employees every single year. With this vast library of healthcare data, we have the tools and experience needed to make a measurable difference in any organization’s efficiency and effectiveness. We have the tools needed to gather, analyze and communicate relevant healthcare information in a meaningful way.

What Makes PRC Superior?

Our customers consistently report the following differences between PRC and other research firms:

  • User-friendly reports
  • Timely data
  • Relevant, customized surveys
  • Key Drivers of Excellence®
  • High response rates
  • Useful technology
  • Results exceed expectations
  • Wonderful to work with
  • Clearly focused on people and relationships

If you’d like to learn how PRC can help you build better patient, physician and employee relationships,  please contact us. We’d love to help.