Clinician and Group Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CG-CAHPS) Survey

CG-CAHPS surveys assess patients’ recent experiences with individual physicians and providers, physician practices, or medical groups and clinics so healthcare consumers can use those assessments to make informed decisions about where to go for care. Surveys benefit healthcare providers by showing where and how they need to change what they are doing to improve patients’ perceptions of the care they deliver.

The CG-CAHPS survey has evolved from work done by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality’s (AHRQ’s) CAHPS Consortium and other developers of physician-level patient experience research. Professional Research Consultants, Inc., (PRC) has long provided input and insights from its experiences to these working groups and continues to participate in routine cahps-pcmh-survey-vendor.jpgcalls with members of the CAHPS Consortium. Its contributions are reflected in today’s CG-CAHPS survey.

In this webcast, PRC CAHPS expert Jan Gnida gives a brief history of the CG-CAHPS survey. 

Why choose PRC?

PRC is the nation’s largest privately held healthcare-exclusive custom research firm, and the only industry leader measuring excellence. Core CAHPS survey questions do not measure excellence, but providers can customize supplemental items to address excellence and more effectively analyze where to invest resources to improve performance. When consumers rate a provider as EXCELLENT, there is a greater likelihood of referrals and return visits. Excellence is a foundation for growth.

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Here are more reasons why PRC is the smart choice for CG-CAHPS research:

PRC offers the flexibility of multiple research methodologies. One size does not fit all. Every practice is unique. To meet client needs, PRC offers Web-based and print (U.S. Postal Service) surveys in addition to its widely recognized telephone methodology. Combinations of telephone and Web, and telephone and mail, surveys are also on the menu.

PRC pioneered accurate, timely, and reliable telephone research. Telephone surveys reduce lag time, engage patients directly, and reach a representative cross-sample of the patient population, which is particularly effective at the practice and provider levels. They also generate the highest completion rates.

PRC® applications make it easy for clients to tell their story through custom reports. Recently, PRC refreshed its CG-CAHPS reporting tool to make it easier for clients to understand and use composite and question-level results. EasyView’s powerful suite of applications and the training to use them are provided at no cost.

For over 35 years, PRC has been dedicated to making hospitals, clinics, and healthcare systems better places for patients to be treated, physicians to practice medicine, and employees to work. PRC’s experience, expertise, and analytical tools place it squarely at the front of the pack when it comes to helping medical groups accomplish their research goals for government-mandated surveys and custom-designed process improvement assessments. In a webcast entitled “Evaluate and Plan: Medical Groups & Patient Experience,” PRC summarizes the CMS requirements and looks at ways medical groups can supplement required data collection for their own uses.

PRC offers a range of options to address a variety of needs

With expertise across the board, PRC can help clients navigate a sea of government-required surveys while capitalizing on opportunities to improve performance through custom research for achieving excellence. PRC gives clients the choices they need to succeed in a changing marketplace.

CG-CAHPS Core. This brief set of questions assesses access to care, provider communication, courtesy, and overall experience and can be customized to the heart’s content. The government does NOT require this particular tool, but it is a great starting point for medical groups making ongoing process improvement measurements. Another advantage of this tool is its optional annual submission opportunity with the CAHPS Database for national benchmarking.

CAHPS PCMH. This measurement of Patient-Centered Medical Homes is sponsored by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). These groups can administer the CG-CAHPS core questions and choose to add a set of prescribed supplemental questions that rate attention to mental/emotional health, support for getting and staying healthy, and discussion of medical decisions. Groups can apply for Recognition or Distinction through NCQA with PRC’s help.

CAHPS for ACOs. The Medicare Pioneer and Shared Savings Programs for Accountable Care Organizations developed a survey that combines the CG-CAHPS Core with a few of the PCMH supplemental questions and a few new questions to evaluate medical providers who serve Medicare beneficiaries. This program is an annual snapshot, capturing data at a particular point in time. It is described in more detail on the CAHPS for Accountable Care Organizations page, and, in this webcast; CAHPS for ACOs 2016.

CAHPS for PQRS. The Physician Quality Reporting System is interested in evaluating doctors using the same questionnaire as the CAHPS for ACOs program. Watch our webcast and hear from our experts to learn about CAHPS for PQRS 2016. Groups with 100 or more eligible professionals are required to participate and work with an approved vendor for the 2016 measurement period.

What does CG-CAHPS measure?

Access to Care Access to Care Access to Care Access to Care
Provider Communication Provider Communication Provider Communication Provider Communication
Courtesy and Helpfulness of Staff Shared Decision Making Overall Rating Overall Rating
Overall Rating Comprehensiveness of Care Access to Specialists Access to Specialists
  Health Promotion Health Promotion Health Promotion
  Care Coordination Shared Decision Making Shared Decision Making
    Health Status Health Status
    Courtesy and Helpfulness of Staff Courtesy and Helpfulness of Staff
    Stewardship of Patient Resources Care Coordination
      Between Visit Communication
      Education and Medicine
      Stewardship of Patient Resources

Let PRC help

With all of these choices, choosing the right research options can seem overwhelming. PRC helps clients cut through the clutter with easy-to-use resources and thoughtful recommendations for the assessment of clinicians and medical groups that best meet the unique needs of individual healthcare organizations.

If healthcare providers are coming together to form an Accountable Care Organization, then they probably need to investigate the CAHPS for ACOs initiative through the Medicare Shared Savings Program. Other large medical groups should evaluate how their clinical measures have been reported for the Physician Quality Reporting System (PQRS).

Both of these CAHPS activities offer annual glimpses of organizational performance. PRC is eager to help medical groups of all sizes design a custom survey from the CG-CAHPS platform to evaluate healthcare providers on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions about CG-CAHPS, please contact us.

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