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What CAHPS Surveys Do We Administer?

PRC provides custom research for achieving excellence. PRC wholly supports the various AHRQ CAHPS Surveys as valuable tools for healthcare organizations seeking to promote service consistency and ensuring that basic elements of the service experience are being performed throughout the enterprise. Focusing on consistent behaviors is one piece of a successful strategy to differentiate your organization and win the loyalty of your patients. 

We will listen to learn your research objectives and recommend a study design that will deliver what you seek.  We will create a survey instrument with the right mix of CAHPS and Loyalty measures so that the most valuable perceptions of your patients are gathered.  We will design a sampling strategy that provides you with sufficient data to perform analyses and monitor process improvement efforts at the various operating levels of your organization (nursing unit, practice location, agency division).  Most importantly, you will have real-time access to your results through our award-winning® website, providing views of your data that will preview public reporting and help your staff quickly interpret the information and translate it to improved care for your patients.

To view video tutorials on how to use our products, follow this link to view our PRC Tools – Video Tutorials.

Learn more about the CAHPS survey options and information available from PRC:

CG-CAHPS (Clinician Groups)
CAHPS for ACOs (Accountable Care Organizations)
ED CAHPS (Emergency Department Patients)
HCAHPS (Hospital Patients)
HSOPS (Hospital Staff on Patient Safety Culture)
HH-CAHPS (Home Health Patients)
ICH CAHPS (In-Center Hemodialysis Patients)
Nursing Home CAHPS (Nursing Home Patients)
Child HCAHPS (Pediatric Patients)
QHP CAHPS (Qualified Health Plan)
Hospice CAHPS (Caregivers of Hospice Patients)

We are Here to Help

You can rely on PRC as a reliable research partner, keeping you informed of the latest developments with all CAHPS survey programs, public reporting, and value-based purchasing.  We understand that our role as a survey vendor for programs that require data submission to CMS is integral to your participation and success in these programs.  Our CAHPS team members have been assisting clients with the HCAHPS program since 2004 and the Home Health CAHPS program since 2010; their expertise will ensure that all data collection protocols are followed and all data submission deadlines are met.  Our goal is to minimize your effort in these measurement programs so that you can keep your attention on the patients you serve and care for. At any time, if you have any questions, please Contact Us.