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Consumer choice is changing healthcare – inspiring innovation, disrupting the status quo, and making the marketplace more competitive than ever. At the heart of it all are consumers: people who only want the best possible care for themselves and their families. People want to be smart about how they use healthcare; they spend hours researching symptoms, diagnoses, and quality ratings on the Internet. These are the people that PRC talked to while conducting our 2015 National Consumer Study.

Excellence is the true differentiator. Patients who feel that the care they receive is excellent are four times more likely to recommend a caregiver than patients who feel the care is very good. Discover this, and so much more, when you download the PRC 2015 National Consumer Study.
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PRC Consumer & Brand Studies

Staying on top in the marketplace—or developing tactics to get there—depends on knowing how your consumers think and make healthcare decisions. The PRC Consumer & Brand Study is the most comprehensive market assessment available, providing you with reliable data to see how your hospital’s services and programs stack up against the competition. You can track unaided awareness and hospital preference. Find out which hospitals consumers think are best for specific product lines, services, and attributes. Measure the effectiveness of a recent advertising campaign. Learn what is most important to consumers when they select a hospital. Keep tabs on consumers’ utilization of other hospitals in your area.

Fully-Customized Marketing Research

PRC provides custom research for achieving excellence and knows that your organization’s future depends on a number of strategic decisions. Making these decisions without quality research is a dangerous prospect. Working with over 2,000 hospitals since 1980, we’re ready to help you get the information you need to position your organization for success. PRC knows that your hospital and market is unique. We’ll design a survey specifically for your hospital based on what you want and need to know. We provide a base questionnaire with more than 80 measures to help get you started. What are your consumers thinking? Take the Pulse of Your Next Patient.

Reaching your local community requires more than off-the-shelf research. PRC delivers comprehensive market assessments based on customized surveys of your unique service area. Additionally, each year, PRC conducts a nationwide assessment to provide a baseline against which you can compare your market area’s results. With a clear view of your world, you’re better positioned to develop effective strategies to achieve your goals.

Choose PRC

Tired of research that’s off the shelf and off the mark? Choose PRC to be your partner and create custom research solutions designed to increase loyalty, capture market share, assess consumer engagement, analyze marketing campaigns, and identify the differentiating factors that will create a true competitive edge. Contact us and get started now.

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