PRC understands that a website alone does not make a Community Health Needs Assessment.

PRC created® as a value-added tool to help clients :

  • healthforecast_exampleCommunicate the community benefit story
  • Collaborate, foster alliances, strengthen coalitions and local capabilities
  • Engage community partners and the public
  • Identify disparities
  • Track progress over time
  • Facilitate community-wide planning
  • Promote collective impact
  • Support grant funding applications
  • Connect to evidence-based practices
  • Comply with IRS requirements
  • Transform community health


What Is®?® is an interactive tool designed to make Community Health Needs Assessment data widely available to the communities they reflect. This tool is a value-added solution for PRC clients, with PRC’s Community Health Needs Assessments providing the foundation for the data provided to® communities.

Who is this for?® was designed to help hospitals, health systems, health departments, foundations, civic organizations and consumers promote community health and wellness by connecting people to information, ideas and resources.

Your community’s health 

Since 1994, PRC has conducted Community Health Needs Assessments for more than 300 communities across the U.S. And since then, these communities have utilized our research to improve the health and wellness of their residents. With the introduction of® in 2011, we broadened our audience and engaged residents to take action and improve health and wellness. By connecting people to information, ideas and resources it is our hope that people will better understand the challenges facing their own communities and strive for change.