What Is HealthForecast.net®?

HealthForecast.net® is an interactive tool designed to make Community Health Needs Assessment data widely available to the communities they reflect. It is a value-added solution for PRC clients, with PRC’s Community Health Needs Assessments providing the foundation. These customized websites share data with the public in an easy-to-understand format that compares indicators to state and national findings.

PRC created HealthForecast.net® as a value-added tool to help clients:

healthforecast_example     -Communicate the community benefit story
     -Collaborate and foster alliances
     -Identify disparities
     -Track progress over time
     -Facilitate community-wide planning
     -Support grant funding applications
     -Connect to evidence-based practices
     -Comply with IRS requirements



Who is this for?

HealthForecast.net® was designed to help hospitals, health systems, health departments, foundations, civic organizations and consumers promote community health and wellness by connecting people to information, ideas and resources.


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