Fernando - PRC Bilingual Interviewer

The Best Part of My Job

I like being able to contribute to the improvement of healthcare within communities through a company that places great importance on quality of feedback. Being able to build trust with people over the phone through courteous and caring attention is a compliment to my character and makes me feel good inside knowing they are providing me with their insight about their hospital experiences.

What I Like Most About Working at PRC

I appreciate the flexibility allotted for busy schedules or emergencies that surface in anyone’s life. As a full time student with two part time jobs it does get difficult to juggle things. You are allowed to compose your schedule in accordance to some guidelines to best accommodate your lifestyle.

My Hobbies/Personal Interests

I enjoy networking through building relationships with people I meet. I also love to dance so I go to zumba classes five times a week. I love the fashion industry and learning about those who helped mold it to what it is today. Also, friends and family play an important role in anything I do so I love making any time I can available to spend with them.

How Working for PRC Fulfills my Career Needs

The communication skills I am putting into practice when I make calls for PRC better prepares me to eloquently present myself to others when networking. By calling different areas of the country, I have come to adapt to various personalities and dialects, making it easier for me to communicate with others despite a language barrier; that is key to my future in entrepreneurship. In the business world it is vital to present a good image in order to get anywhere and by fine tuning my oral communication as an interviewer, I am better equipped to enter my field in business.