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Professional Research Consultants

PRC drives excellence in healthcare by facilitating millions of interviews, delivering insightful reports, and consulting and collaborating on best-in-class solutions.

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PRC Launches Webcasts On Demand

Each month, PRC broadcast’s several webcasts that address industry-related topics and answer questions posed by our clients. Additionally, PRC has added the “Webcasts On Demand” page. These webcasts can be viewed any time you like. An additional feature for current clients is the FAQ Webcast Library.  The library is a collection of specific questions asked by PRC customers and answered by PRC […]More »

PRC’s 2014 National Consumer Study Overview

How do consumers across the country feel about healthcare? Do they have a preferred hospital, and does preference have a strong effect on utilization, loyalty, and word-of-mouth? Where do consumers get information about healthcare? Keith Schneider, PRC’s Associate Director, Consumer & Brand will answer these questions and review the data from PRC’s 2014 National Consumer […]More »